Onsen (Hot spring)

Arima Onsen (hot spring) is widely considered to be the oldest hot spring in Japan. Arima's hot-spring water contains 7 of the 9 major minerals with acknowledged medical and therapeutic benefits, one of those minerals being particularly effective in making the skin both smoother and healthier. Water of such quality is very rare in the world.

Large public bath / Open-air bath

At Hotel Kinzan we offer inside and outside Onsen(hot-spring baths), supplied by the mineral-rich hot-spring water of Arima Onsen. Onsen is separated by men and women and bath area will switch on a regular schedule. Sauna is also available.

* Tatoo body cannot go into hotspring. If it is a small tatoo, please hide them by foundation tape then enjoy hotspring.


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Large public bath "Tsudumi-no-yu"


Large public bath "Hana-no-yu"

Tsuzumi-no-yu and Hana-no-yu are Hotel Kinzan's two communal bath areas. Upon entering, you will find two types of bath: the large main bath and a special "gold" bath, a moniker that originates from it's unusual caramel-coloured water. Arima Onsen is famous for this golden hot-spring water, and has many lovers.
You will also find a third bath outside, where you can enjoy fresh natural air while soaking in the warm, smoothing water.
You can also enjoy in our relaxing sauna.
Bath towel, face towel, shower cap, razor, body soap and shampoo are all provided.
These baths are separated by men and women and bath area will switch on a regular schedule.

[ Manners at Onsen ]
If this is your first time to try a Japanese-style hot-spring bath, you'll want to know a few key points about the traditions of this popular pastime.
First (and perhaps most importantly), visitors should wash themselves thoroughly before entering the bath. There will be a special washing area set away from the bath, where you will typically find bottles of body soap and shampoo.
Please make sure that all soap and shampoo has been rinsed off before entering the bath.
Many people take a small towel into the bath area, but please do not let the towel go into the bath water. People often just put it on their head while bathing.